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Endings and beginnings


As this fine new number, 2020, approaches with an almost real feel, carrying for some the hope that something will change and for others the fear of the exact same thing or the burden of 'should', it seems fitting to make announcements and give explanations. I am about to do a little bit of both, also under the pressure of this new year's coming but mostly taken by the current of changes already happening.

I'll start traditionally, with the past. Poetry issues has mysteriously stopped at issue 21 (January - February 2019). There are at least two reasons for this: The first is that I was being overworked, with many new projects demanding my time and focus. Being mainly engaged with texts in my professional life led to more visual and manual labor in my artistic practice, in order to create the balance I needed to have in my life, leaving me with little time in my hands and even less concentration for writing poetry. The second reason is even more important than the first: I had to deal with the number 22, which would be the next poetry issue. I had to know what 22 meant, as it is a number I'm cautious of and didn't know whether I should interpret it as a beginning or an end or as something to avoid altogether. It was part of those personal but extremely intense battles, involving grief and the attribution of meaning to traumatic events, such as the death of loved ones (in my case, both my father and my dog). However – and with this little twist we leap to the future – this battle has come to its end (if only temporarily) and poetry issues 22 will be coming out indeed, but under a new concept, which also partly explains this delay, as I was experimenting for quite some time with ways of bringing together text and image. In this new concept, a visual piece is linked to each poem and each new poem and artwork will be published as a single entity. The bundle will come out later as one.

Furthermore, I am happy to announce that I am now (and at least for the duration of 2020) member of the artist collective KuCo, thanks to the very kind invitation of Alida van Leeuwen, the collective's founder. The creative practice in my case demands a lot of alone time, but being able to share the result or the feeling of this experience with others is transformative, and hopeful in regard to the satiation of a deep need to connect. My goal is to share insights and ideas and be there for my fellow creatives.

There are more things on the way. Articles and projects and collaborations, but there will currently be no further statements. The new year is already burdened enough, before it's even there.        

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