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in crisis

in crisis
in crisis
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

My current financial situation has made me wonder quite often lately about my life choices. Sometimes I say “What was I thinking?” and try to recall the past. It’s true that as a child I felt for money nothing but contempt. And that’s probably because I had more than enough of it. As this article puts it, money was “perceived as less of an all-encompassing issue.” I also had the funny idea that I could become everything – not just anything – I wanted.

     So, art in my life emerged as a necessity, but also as a viable option. In the present, while I still breathe easily and feel comfortable only in art, I have been forced to make a living by undertaking ‘mundane’ tasks – in which I try to retain the artistic element as much as possible – that are taking their toll in my fragile equilibrium. Consequently, I feel poor and even poorer when it comes to raising my child. Perhaps I ignored all things material for myself, but I wonder whether I will be able to offer my child half the things my parents offered me. And this has also led me to wonder what decisions my child will make for himself, a question that the aforementioned article so accurately points out.

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