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The side of power

Park life
Park life

Since I became a mother, I’ve been hanging around improbable places, such as playgrounds, interacting with improbable people, such as other parents and caregivers. These new interactions have proven to be a rich sociological resource, as people at playgrounds are more bound to talking to strangers, than e.g. people on the bus. Also, as a mother and dog ‘owner’, when I walk the streets I am susceptible to the praise or deprecation of random people, either for raising my child with animals or for taking the dog with us to the playground. Most people are kind, accepting and even supportive, while some are rude and deeply encrusted in their convictions.

                Somehow, the parent that complained about the lack of fences at the playground – since he would prefer to have his daughter caged than explain to her why she shouldn’t run to the street and trust that she won’t do it –, the woman who exclaimed that dogs should be banned from playgrounds, unable to grasp that most people clean after their dogs and that excluding every dog owner from the park and playground is less of a healthy and just option than educating people and expecting them to act accordingly, or the woman who shouted to her seven-year old daughter so that I could hear “This is unbelievable! Couldn’t she take her dog someplace else?” while the baby was at the swing and the dog rested quietly next to us, help me understand facts of great implication regarding our society.

                These people are called to vote tomorrow, and thus support or disapprove the new measures imposed by the EU and the IMF on Greece. Most citizens who realize that “no” is the only sensible – and even obvious – option are amazed by the high percentage of people unable to distinguish between welfare and unfair. Unfortunately, the regular cultivation of idiocy in previous decades, along with the good old stupidity factor, have had crippling effects on the sense of (and right to) personal and social freedom, if, indeed, such a sense ever existed. This lack of principle is first and foremost conveniently applied to the “other” but, in a causative manner, eventually comes to include oneself. People have replaced common sense, empathy and tolerance with rigid rules serving sides, hoping to be on the right side: The side of power. Under such circumstances, no matter the outcome of any referendum, a society is doomed to be backward and democracy an illusion and a dummy word for essentially fascist regimes.

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