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How I came to hate August

sailing in a deep sea
sailing in a deep sea

August is the cockroach month. Every second day I walk in the kitchen or the bathroom only to run out screaming and to close the door behind me – if terror allows me to. I can’t kill them. I don’t want to. It’s against my principles. I’ve tried getting to know them. They are remarkable, just as every being. They recognize the members of their family; they have distinct roles and personality traits. There even was one that I liked and admired for her shinny and deep red color, which could perhaps have been my friend hadn’t my husband killed it – she had a mild character, avoiding to run around and freak me out – although I did warn him about bad karma and had already informed him about cockroach social life. Anyway, getting to know them hasn’t really worked. I still scream and run, as a standard reaction, when I see one.

                So, poor cockroaches can’t seem to bear the heat in the sewers in August, thus they come out to freak me out. Come to think of it, this isn’t much different from what humans do: They can’t bear the heat in their sewer-cities and they hit the beaches by the millions. Every tourist destination is horrible in August. If you can stand the high temperatures, a city center is the place to be if you want the real experience of ghost metropolises.

                The only thing that makes the heat somewhat bearable in August is the freakin’ wind. Yes, the wind that blows your hair in your face while you’re eating ice-cream and then you stick all over. Yes, the wind that drives the sand on your body like needles as you try to get out of the sea and makes you squint like if you were caught in a sandstorm in the desert. 

August is bad, anyway you look at it – even as a Roman Emperor’s name. The only happy thing with the middle of August approaching is that half of it is over.

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