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Ode to Women

ode to women
ode to women
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Tuesday, 08 March 2016

When I decided I was done with exploration and started to actively search for specific qualities in people, those who emerged through the fog of human relationships happened to be women. In time, my existing relationships became stronger, I’ve reunited with friends from the past and my long-distance friendships flourished. It was only then that I started to consider gender identity as perhaps something more than a crude categorization for sociological use.

In many past instances I would have reacted differently, if I had the friends I have now. In fact, considering their impact, my whole life would have been different. My women friends are my guardian angels. Women have shown me immense compassion and forgiveness. Women have offered me everything they had to offer, spontaneously and unconditionally. Women have accepted me and I have found them to be so satisfyingly complicated that I enjoy their company as much as I enjoy tea and a good book.

And then, there are the women of all ages I meet on the street, in shops, at the park, on the tram. There is mutual understanding and a spirit-lifting momentary bond in a smile, a gesture, a touch, in offering and indeed in asking for help. There is a restless sea of silent emotional interaction between women out there – a fascinating ecosystem that doesn’t need saving.



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