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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


“We’ll probably be safe here, if WWIII breaks out.”

“I have to call the airline and change my flight, or better cancel it altogether.”

“My husband and I are safe from the attacks.”

These are the first reports I got from today’s Brussels attacks. Many would consider these first reactions selfish. Then, of course, people can and will also fight about the most proper stance: “It was to be expected,” “We are all Belgians,” “Blood diamonds,” “EU’s official collapse is imminent,” etc. I gave it some thought and believe it’s a natural reflex to fall back into yourself in the face of disaster.

Myself, with all its shortcomings, is the best place I can fall back into when I think about the surrounding stupidity. The stupidity of those who placed the bombs. The stupidity of those who were supposed to stop them from doing so. The stupidity of the media covering the incident. The stupidity of those in charge. The stupidity of the legislators and what comes next. The stupidity of the vox pop. You can never be safe around so much stupidity. And it’s a factor so haphazard that you can’t really protect yourself from it. It has little to do with wealth, education, religious affiliation. Stupidity is everywhere and it’s the real terrorist. Brace yourselves.





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