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it's complicated
it's complicated

While writing the closing sentence in my last article, I hesitated. I felt I shouldn’t take it for granted that the result of the UK referendum would be respected, but then dismissed the thought as far-fetched and somewhat paranoid. It was probably my bad experience talking. Besides, I had decided to remain positive towards humanity for the day.

A few hours later, articles started to spring up all over the internet, stating that the referendum was provisional (which is technically true) and it would be perfectly sensible for the parliament to ignore it, that people shouldn’t be trusted with such important decisions, and that the referendum was a draw. Journalists and “progressive” individuals the world over supported plainly skipping the democratic principle, as if there will be no history to judge them. Along came petitions, and statistics supporting that the vote was uninformed and racist, and that old people sentenced future generations, as if old people should be thrown off the cliff, because they are, well, old. Then, of course, Boris Johnson withdrew, making Brexit seem even harder, if not impossible.

So, instead of adding more democratic elements to the world, more referendums and immediate involvement of the people in politics, we’re actually debating diminishing rights and muffling voices, with incompetence as the excuse, as if incompetence within our societies weren’t our own fault. The supporters of far-right policies, since such are the measures proposed to avoid the impending Brexit, will be equally devastated as they are now, wondering “how could this happen,” when in less than a decade extreme-right parties will start winning national elections all over Europe. Because this is what will happen, if no one else gives the poor, the old and the disadvantaged the sense that they are being respected. I’m afraid that by then it won’t really matter who’s in charge: It’s going to be authoritarianism one way or another.

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