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Poetry Issues is a poetry project that began in 2016. Until early 2019, on a monthly (issues 1-12) or bimonthly basis (issue 13-21), a small pamphlet of five to six poems was being printed along an online publication, and distributed in several European cities, starting from The Hague and reaching regularly Leiden, Malmö and Lund, and occasionally Liverpool, Berlin, Prague, Copenhagen and Athens, thanks to the invaluable help of good friends. The project has been the topic of an interview and the pamphlet has also been exhibited. The first 21 issues form now an e-book to complete the project's first great cycle. 


From January 2020 the project changed shape. Issues 22, 23 and 24 were published on a quarterly basis – following the seasons – in the course of five weeks, were five poems would be published along five visual artworks. Together they formed one poetry issue. Printed materials were handed out again – this time not in the form of pamphlets but as postcards – as the experience of a different platform is too important and too diverse to give up (and of course it's an excellent way to reach new audience).


In issue #25 I'm already exploring new publishing formats and much experimentation will follow.

Here you can read poetry issues #22, poetry issues #23, poetry issues #24 and poetry issues #25,

as well as Part 1 and Part 2 of the 26th issue.





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