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poetry issues
poetry issues
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Sunday, 10 July 2016


If you're wondering what Poetry Issues is, I think it’s time you read the press release:


Why poetry?

Because it’s immediate.

Because the meaning is enhanced and deepened by the music.

Poetry doesn’t brag or hesitate, and I admire that in a character.

Because it’s art, and art helps me connect the dots and remember beauty.


Why a pamphlet?

Because we need something tangible, to make sure we exist.

Because different platforms affect the same work in different ways.

Because I trust in unexpected encounters.



Poetry Issues is distributed regularly in The Hague and not so regularly in Malmö and Lund. It has also been distributed in Liverpool, Berlin, Prague and Copenhagen. Copies can also be found in private collections (aka, in friends’ houses) in Athens.


Who else?

I would like to thank the people who contributed to and/or distributed the pamphlet. Credits go to Alexandra Mouratidou, Birgitte Brøndum, Sandra van Lente, Jenny Porter, SJ Moenandar and Alida van Leeuwen for their priceless support and involvement.


What’s the plan?

The first cycle was completed with the twelfth issue. These twelve issues form the first Poetry Issues collection and the project continued on a bimonthly instead of a monthly basis, until February 2019. After a pause, the 22nd issue is on the way and the project will continue on a quarterly basis.


So, where can one read Poetry Issues now?


Here you go:


Poetry Issues #1-12



Poetry Issues #13


Poetry Issues #14


Poetry Issues #15


Poetry Issues #16


Poetry Issues #17


Poetry Issues #18


Poetry Issues #19


Poetry Issues #20


Poetry Issues #21



If you would like to learn even more about the project, read the interview in Litdocs, and for more visual feedback check the images from the exhibition in BplusC.


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