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wishes 2017
wishes 2017

We need to wrap it up as soon as possible. The old year, disgusted as we are with it, should be put in a body bag and discreetly removed from public view. It doesn’t matter that the coming of the new year isn’t truly a fresh start for us and that the morning after we’ll actually have to pick things up from the exact same spot where we left them. We’ll treat it as such nevertheless. We will fill lists with goals – about ninety percent of which will include exercise and diet – exchange promises, express expectations and celebrate like we are new, better people. Our interest in unburdening ourselves from the weight of years is so great that we allow the illusion to affect us as if it were real – we do become lighter, and even maybe better, and our relationships seem to work, if only for a few days or weeks at best.

Peace will not come to the world this year, neither will love. But if there is a resolution that I would wish us all to keep, this would be to act as consciously as possible. Being conscious of the impact of our actions (and non-actions) on others, on the one hand, and of our own impulses and their salvaging potential on the other is a fair enough canon towards a sustainable, bearable life and better choices.

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