I am neither a photographer nor a painter. Perhaps I am a little bit of a writer, though. And since I've worked for many years in publishing, this is the only field in which I can claim with some confidence that I know – more or less – what I'm doing.

Concerning my visual work, I'll just stick to the fact that I have a camera and I like taking pictures. Most of the time I enjoy manipulating those pictures instead of the people around me, and my vision includes turning them into something else or pointing towards an idea different from what is immediate to the eye. I also have brushes and pens and I get an almost therapeutic satisfaction from color and free associations expressed on paper. Besides, visual work is an antidote to too much reading and writing, and what I do I do mostly out of instinct and a personal sense of aesthetics.

The choice of medium each time depends primarily on mood and inspiration, with some projects (especially those involving writing, or more elaborate paintings) requiring discipline that verges on neurosis.

So, this website is a presentation of my work, but to make it work I've had the invaluable technical help of my husband. Moreover, I occasionaly collaborate with other writers and artists, as is the case with the poets Alexandra Mouratidou and Birgitte Brøndum, who have contributed to the Poetry Issues project, or Olga Kostaki, who has hosted the Cotton Candy exhibition back in 2012.

I hope you'll find expression and inspiration in what you read and see here.


Credits: For this website we have used the template JF Creativia, by joomfreak. Thank you!

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