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"Desperation" was a thought inspired by the COVID-19 times, but it applies to every prolonged instance of trauma, that eventually becomes unconscious, and it takes time, distance and healing to realize its true dimensions.

As a piece, it incorporates elements from the past, such as a mysterious old recording I've been curious about for years and recently retrieved from an old mini-cassette recorder, and a footage of a place very deeply connected to childhood memories. It's more of a poetized thought than an actual poem, and although it's closer to prose I decided to follow the voice rhythm to create the written lines rather than doing it the other way round.


Looking back
there was a lot of desperation
but we couldn't feel it.
It was like a filter
all over reality.
A reality that you get used to
like every other reality.
There was desperation.
It had a color.
It was mostly grey but
not just grey
a little bit of dark
blue, also.
Sadness, I guess.
There was, but 
we couldn't see it.
But now that the filter
that film
that was covering the horizon
and the sky
and the reflection of the light
now that this is gone
yeah, in hindsight
there was a lot 
of desperation.




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