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Ways In and Ways Out

ways in and ways out
ways in and ways out

Ways In and Ways Out

10 roof windows. 19 air vents. 100 water sprinklers. 2 exits/entrances. 7 stores. 4 with red color palette in their logos. 3 with green. one screen playing ads. approximately 15 people passing per minute. 3 of them pushing strollers. in 1 of them there is a dog. 4 carry larger shopping bags. 1 holds a white cane. 1 carries a walking stick. average age: 30. 1 bench. 5 seated.
1 staircase. 1 door. 2 windows. 1 of them locked. 1 hallway. 2 high chairs. 1 couch. 1 glass table. 1 oven with metal handle. 2 bottles. 1 empty. 2 small glasses. 2 kitchen corners. my bag on the counter. 3 locks on the door. 

For Ways In and Ways Out I combined an exercise on loitering, observing, and list making in public space (xpub field work), with a list describing a situation left open to interpretation taking place within the private sphere. The excellent Jon H. Miller let me use his music, and the result speaks for itself.



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