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poetry issues #25

happy end
happy end

Poetry Issues #25 was published between September and December 2021. I experimented further with assemblage collage and with the longer poetic form. I am also exploring new physical publishing formats. 


The poem "Goals" and the assemblage collage Dead Flowers comprise Part 1 of poetry issues #25. 

Poem and Image


In Part 2, the poem "Victorian complaints" is accompanied by the assemblage painting window.


poem and artwork


In the poem "Love Song" in Part 3 I have tried to acknowledge many of the themes regarding time that arise at once in a fleeting moment that is aware of itself as such and to mimic their fragmentary but nevertheless linked nature. The artwork, Radio, is an assemblage collage on wood.


Poem and Artwork


The 4th and penultimate part of poetry issues #25 contains a found poem. The best found poems are the ones you weren't searching for. There is something inspiring and immensely optimistic in finding poetry in non-literary texts, as it reminds you that this is the way to look at the world in general. The accompanying artwork is Happy End.


Poem and artwork


In this last part of poetry issues #25 I've experimented with a longer format. A long poem has a different sense of rhythm and once you capture and ride it it takes you to the larger space of the piece. This room means that the longer poem offers a very different experience. The bookmark to accompany the "Essence of Absence", Think, is a touchingly adolescent collage in its vulnerability and doomed hope, and luckily it fits right in the middle.


Poem and Artwork



You can read more about the poetry issues project here.


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