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(One more) Exhibition! [updated]


The show mentioned below was followed by another one with the same theme, on another location of BplusC, at Stevenshof Library, Trix Terwindtstraat 6 in Leiden. The show began early May (2019) and is on until the 15th of June. Here's an impression:

Leiden 2019




Just like last year, the library of BplusC (Nieuwstraat 4, Leiden) is celebrating poetry with a unique group exhibition. And since it is 350 years from the death of Rembrandt, this is an exhibition in his memory. The show has already started (on the 29th of January) and will be on until the 25th of February.

For now, if you can't visit the library in person to enjoy the works of almost thirty artists, you can read my contribution here:


The Night Watch


A darkness as thick as molasses —

a spoonful of struggles yet to come.


There is humanity in simple gestures,

frailty in men carrying useless guns.


Depth is carved on dancing shadows

a soft light enters within from above.


A kind hand smoothens the contrasts

until a night is not a night after all.


Update: Visiting the show, I was happy to find out that another one of my poems, "Psychographics" from the Poetry Issues project, is also included. Enjoy below a small sample of a beautiful exhibition curated by Alida van Leeuwen:




[At the same time, another exhibition is taking place in The Hague.]


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