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poetry issues #18

life form
life form


The May - June issue is out! Here you go:



American Football


Back and forth.

Circles disguised

in straight go routes.

Until you get things


things get you.

Until routes go straight

in disguised circles,

forth and back.




In Red


Those toes in the shower

I’m looking down to

belong to a Lynchian heroine.


They say depersonalization

results from violence

and I ponder over the form.


Do not knock, just enter.

Privacy is a luxury

only spoiling a good plot.






My friend likes the number eight.

It completes her broken parts

and promises the unity of one.


You will find her crouching

among quitting and lighting it up

on a white pile of unironed roles.


She’s the colour blue, as found

in nature: A wondrous reflection

of elusive light. A life of words.




Ode to Nothing


As a child I thought

I controlled the wind. Perhaps

the wind controls me.


Before great sorrow

the air stands still. I know then

something is coming.


Dry petals falling

like snow. Who’d have thought death would

be so beautiful.




Unhealthy are


Your stress relief habits

and the junk you eat.

How the world treats you

and what you think of it.

The screens you watch

and the dust you breathe.


But tomatoes won’t

save you from cancer.

Treating the symptom is

not the answer.
Wars will not be prevented

by treaties. And nobody likes kiwis.




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