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poetry issues #19

The September-October issue should be enough to keep you busy for a while. Enjoy.





Over a boiling pot

we wait for small epiphanies

bemused by the stillness

of the branches outside.

Do our black cats make us

witches? Shall we burn?

The Inquisition says we shall.

The Weather


Sure, let’s talk about the weather

like our lives depend upon it

like our crops will fail

and famine will hit

our fatty brains.

Relieved that it won’t rain

we’ll go for a walk

step on our horseshit

and still come home miserable.

Better stay inside, watch a movie.



Between birthday parties

and treasure hunts

I have to explain

why I made him and

affirm I’ll still love him

after I die.


I’d never thought

I'd give myself up

but here we are

swearing by Jedi honor,

shovelling sand in ecstasy.


Nothing much in it

but abundant poetry.

Seaside Resort


Don’t scorn the floral patterns

and the doughnut-shaped waists

nor the high-pitched laughter

and the fuzzy stares.


Footsteps echo louder

at the end of August

and pining mixes with the smell

of fresher fish and ice-cream cones.



Old bones assembled by magic.

Nothing else seems to hold.

We all scolded him for lying

but he was the conqueror

of the seven seas

in my five-year-old mind.


He instilled in me two shipwrecks

an abstract love for Argentina

and going rogue under fake names

in the US in the 50’s.


The giant is folding in his seat:

An overripe camellia flower

that forgot to fall apart.




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