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The Essence of Absence


In this last part of poetry issues #25 I've experimented with a longer format. In general I find long poems tricky, prone to becoming boring, because the element of surprise, in plot as well as in language, appears in longer intervals if at all, and then I don't find the poem amusing anymore and my mind drifts off. However, a long poem has a different sense of rhythm and once you capture and ride it it takes you to the larger space of the piece. This room is the advantage of the longer poem, which turns it into a very different experience. Luckily, I made a bookmark to accompany the "Essence of Absence", Think, a touchingly adolescent collage in its vulnerability and doomed hope, and it fits right in the middle.


Poem and Artwork


You can read more about the poetry issues project and other parts of this issue here.



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