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Poetry Issues #10


Poetry Issues has just reached double digits! Enjoy this tenth issue right here:





The breeze stirs and then it moves us forward

with tangled hair and whirling splintered thoughts

and locks us in the chase of portentous

shapes in the low clouds. The soft grass writhes to

break free and its crystal prison of frost

stays relentless in its albinity.

But there is something in the lengthening

of light and the sonnets of the swallows

that travel from the lands of velvet warmth

that begs me to endure and join the strife.

It’s in the slight murmur of the willows

when the grey skies push upon their backs and

instead of lamenting they sing: “Perhaps

this isn’t such a bad month to be born in.”




Bus Commuters


Not the servants of a dark empire

of fast-drying concrete and steel

with hands and faces worn


by the tiredness

of a joyless looping life


but princes and queens

of flourishing kingdoms of the sand

with peach orchards where horses run free.





There is a longer

space between your words and mine.

We are diverging.

Just Watch


The history of

mankind is nothing but a

plucky fist raised high.

But now the fight is over

the color of our new couch.



Trying to rectify the wreckage

caused by the rectangularity

of the wretched electorate

the pious asked the rector

who exclaimed that there

was nothing to correct.



She ordered the surgeon

to remove her organs

and take pictures of her innards.

He was then asked to put them back,

and the money was good and the life

was tough. “I don’t understand,”

she said later, ignoring the sore

while her eyes still searched

on the photographic paper.

“My liver looks perfectly fine

but, where is my soul?”

Student with Purple Glasses


“And where do you dispose

the oil from the frying pan?”

She asked the landlady,

sincerely worried about the lack

of environmental planning.


There was a halo of smoke

rushing around her platinum hair:

“Just pour it on your trash.

It’s excellent sauce

for the lunch of the seagulls.”



[If you would like to learn more about the project, read this.]




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